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Another One Bites The Fashion Fruit

Joyce Wang (of UP-CYCLING):

Behold! A 90后 (just guess the meaning) one, ladies and gentlemen! And one oozing the Gallianesque (fashion-wise people, this ain’t no political / ethical piece) gift for design from her pores at that. With a penchant for Alexander Wang’s statement “rambunctious yet wearable design” and drawing on her own life’s (visual) experiences to create sleek and tight women’s pieces, Wang (Joyce, that is) enjoys a mix ‘n match collection with a slight androgynous vibe. Adding a snuffle of the Tang Dynasty (618-907, the epitome of Chinese historical culture; glocalization avant-la-lettre, I’d say) over-the-top-detailed patterns and accessories as well as a palatable pinch of that L’Oreal color-to-the-max Yunnan Province tie-dye, Wang is gearing up for a true China fashion evolution: “We got the basics, now let’s go bold”. Well, ‘tis as they say: The design lies within the details.

Excusez-moi for another moment: On a dynastical fashion plate note, check out artist Li Xiaofeng ‘s porcelain garments (from 2010), literally made from traditional Chinese archeological scraps; ultimate up-cycling.Tadah.