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Angelica — Australia.

Vogue China's Angelica Cheung (张宇), presented Oz audiences with a few fashionable findings.

Vogue China’s Editor-in-Chief Angelica Cheung (张宇), presented audiences with a few fashionable findings during her keynote speech at an industry get-together earlier this week. Read the full Ragtrader report right here.


The China Fashion&Retail Forum on February 10 took place at Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, discussing the chances of development for Australian brands on the Mainland. In charge of China’s Vogue edition from its 2005 launch onwards, Cheung’s insights (though not shocking-blue or Fresh Fashion Tasties in any way) do nicely sum up the ongoing evolution both in China’s fashion market as well as consumer thinking. Her principal observations include: “The power of millenials, the changing preferences of Chinese consumers, a Chinese growth in designer self-confidence and the need for a collective voice.”


Cheung’s right; and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious.