2017’s Must-See Chinese Photographers: Focus! 聚焦:2017年必须关注的中国摄影师!

Whereas Chen Man may have officially put Chinese photographers on the world map, there are many newer names to feature! Temper Magazine Contributor Sandy Chu goes shutterbug-undercover.可以说是陈漫让全世界知道了中国摄影师,除陈漫之外有很多新生代中国摄影师也同样值得我们关注!就让Temper杂志的特约撰稿人Sandy Chu带我们去了解一下他们。

From beautifully artistic painting-like photo finishes to the more widely palatable medium of street photography, contemporary China offers a diverse array of talent to watch.从精美至极的艺术照片到题材广泛的街头摄影,当代中国有才华的摄影师层出不穷。

Whereas China’s best-known photography export aka celebrated celeb and celeb fashion photographer Chen Man may have officially put Chinese photographers on the world map helping to perk global interest in the country’s young creative photography talent, there still are many newer names on the need-to-see-now list.


Who are the contemporary photographers of China? They’re as diverse as the country itself presenting a visual led narrative of these individuals’ interests, aesthetics and experiences that truly represents the dizzying diversity of the nation. As rich kaleidoscope of viewpoints, there is no one China.


If anything, their distinct voices all help to weave a rich tapestry of open-mindedness that defines the country’s modern sense of fashion and creativity. There is equal room for futurism, a contemporary take on the past as there is for the joie de vie of street fashion. There’s room for subculture, youth, alternative females and the domestic view of the world that is largely limited to the country’s native audience that goes beyond the cliché of a homogenous China that exists in the realms of the mind at home and abroad but not in the reality of today.

From beautifully artistic painting-like photo finishes to the aesthetic of digital reimagining, along with the more widely palatable medium of street photography, contemporary China offers a diverse array of talent to watch. Let’s take off the long-distance lens and put the focus on a few must-sees in the world of China Photography.


Liu Cunjun Vogue Italia
Roman Holiday: Liu shoots for Vogue Italia. Copyright@Vogue Italia/ 刘存君为Vogue意大利拍摄的时尚大片:罗马假日。版权所有@Vogue Italia


Liu Cunjun 刘存君

Born in Qingdao, Liu Cunjun was first exposed to the world of photography in 2010. While visiting his cousin’s studio he was fascinated by the interaction between the photographer and his subjects, customers and models. Liu gradually began to shoot and after training for four years he developed his understanding the creative field. Liu in 2014 relocated to Beijing where he began to pursue the field of fashion photography.


Asked by Temper Magazine what makes China and China Fashion interesting in se, Liu replies: “I do not want the work to be called China fashion or what not, I am interested in doing some element of fusion, I will shoot a lot of Chinese faces, but I think this will not define Chinese fashion, it does not belong to any country. My grandfather is a doctor of Chinese medicine what I want to do is a combination of Western medicine fashion :), Chinese history is approximately 5000 years long, there are many elements of fashion culture which have yet to be mined. I will use the combination of Chinese and Western approaches as a means to present some Chinese elements, which I have always been doing.”

在Temper杂志的采访中,当被问到“你觉得是什么使中国和中国时尚变得有趣起来”时,刘存君回答说:“我不想我的作品被称为中国时尚或非中国时尚,我对不同元素的融合一直很有兴趣,我会拍摄很多不同的中国面孔,但是这些照片并不能定义中国时尚,我的摄影不代表任何国家。我的祖父是一名中医,因此我希望可以融合西医时尚 :),中国有五千年的历史,有很多时尚元素仍未被发现。我会运用中国与西方融合的方法来表现中国元素,这其实也是我一直在做的。”


Ka Xiaoxi -Chen-Yu-Shanghai
Shanghai’s Blockrockin’ 2015 Beats. Copyright@Ka Xiaoxi for Beats by Dre/上海Blockrockin’ 2015 Beats,由Dre为Beats创作,版权所有@Ka Xiaoxi. 


Ka Xiaoxi 咖小西

Having shot features for major names including Dazed Digital and VICE China, Ka Xiaoxi’s photography focuses on capturing the ephemeral, raw beauty of youth. Providing a candid look at nightlife culture, Ka’s work lifts the curtain on contemporary China providing an engaging visual narrative that bridges cultures. The Shanghai based photographer and curator has already garnered an impressive client list of international and local need to know labels including Adidas, Converse and Chinese contemporary brand Zuczug.

作品被《Dazed Digital》和《VICE中国》等杂志收录,咖小西的摄影集中捕捉短暂和富有原始美的青少年们。咖小西的摄影作品通过引人入胜的视觉叙述来表现当代中国年轻一代的夜生活文化。出身于上海的摄影师和策展人咖小西曾受到阿迪达斯、匡威、以及中国的brand Zuczug等品牌的拍摄邀请。

A talent to watch, Ka’s work has been published across a series of limited edition books including “Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze”, “Light Room” and “A Fragment of China’s Youth”.

咖小西的摄影作品还被收录到一系列的限量版图书中,其中包括《酒精星球永不别》(Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze),《馆子》(Light Room),《A Fragment of China’s Youth》。


hefei 001
Five Nights, Aquarium. Copyright@Zhang Wenxin/五夜,水族馆。版权所有@Zhang Wenxin


Zhang Wenxin 张文心

An MFA graduate of the California College of Arts, Zhang Wenxin is the embodiment of Chinese multi-local whose global outlook informs her creative perspective. Selected as the British Journal of Photograph’s 2016 New Talent, Zhang explores “the intricate relationship between the real and the fabricated, creating multipart projects that unearth the complex layers of delusion and estrangement embedded within her non-linear imagery. Her work functions as a kind of literary device from which the viewer can reconstruct a fictional narrative. Zhang’s process often begins with her personal experience and carefully tends to metaphoric and marginalized stories so as to unveil larger questions about the suppressed.”

毕业于加州艺术学院,张文心的多地域背景赋予了她独特的创意视角。被英国摄影期刊《British Journal of Photograph》选为2016年新秀摄影师,张文心通过她的摄影作品探索“现实与假想之间的错综复杂的关系,通过多主题摄影将层次复杂的妄想与隔阂嵌入非线性的想象中。她的作品运用一种文学手法,看她作品的人可以通过自己的想象来虚拟一段故事。她的摄影通常以个人经历为背景,通过隐喻和侧面描述来揭示被压抑的主题。”

The Goethe Institut in 2017 commissioned an online project from Zhang named “Excerpts From A Polymorphic Expedition”, as seen in this piece’s featured image”, which explores the iconic Western theme of “Odyssey”.

在2017年受歌德学院(Goethe Institut)委托,张文心开展了一个名为“摘录:有关一次不一定的征途(Excerpts From A Polymorphic Expedition)”的在线个展,重访了西方叙事经典主题“奥德赛”。

Sun Jun 孙郡

A trending topic on creative microblogs on WeChat last year, Sun Jun has shot some of China’s most famous faces – think Sun Li, Fan Bingbing, Du Juan for local editions of international magazines including Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar. Known for his modern renaissance style photography which combines elements of traditional Chinese painting, Sun is a graduate of the prestigious China Academy of Art. His signature style as earned him accolades as ‘new cultural painting photographer’.

去年,孙郡以孙俪、范冰冰、杜鹃为模特为中国版Esquire和Harper’s Bazaar等杂志拍摄了一组人物大片,这组照片在微信上马上受到了极大的关注。孙郡毕业于中央美院,其作品以现代文艺复兴风格著称,结合中国国画元素,意境深远,极具东方韵味,被誉为“新文化绘画摄影师”。


Roy Zhang
2012. Copyright@The Shanghai Express/2012年, 版权所有@The Shanghai Express


Roy Zhang 张佳音

Born and raised in Shanghai, Roy Zhang has oft been compared to The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman. Known for his candid street photography that is defined by his knack for capturing both fun and fabulousness, professionally Zhang has worked international brands such as Miu Miu and shot famous faces such as supermodel Ming Xi and actress Zhou Dongyu.

出生并生长在上海,张佳音常被比作The Sartorialist的摄影师Scott Schuman。他的街头摄影捕捉乐趣和优雅的瞬间,张佳音曾与Miu Miu合作,还拍摄过超模奚梦瑶,演员周冬雨。

Luo Yang 罗洋

Take a look at this artiste’s bigtime non-HBO miniseries “Girls”, an ongoing project which first saw the light in 2008. (Courtesy of The Thing About Art YouTube Channel):

让我们来看一看摄影师罗洋的非HBO迷你剧“女孩”,从2008年开始至今,这个拍摄仍在继续。(视频由YouTube频道的The Thing About Art提供):

Featured online by the BBC, Luo Yang’s work focuses on the Chinese female as her reoccurring subject. Beginning in 2007 Luo has been shooting her continuing series of photography called ‘Girls’. She describes her portraits as “images that depict an emerging Chinese subculture that defies imposed expectations and stereotypes – GIRLS are bad-assed and self-aware, yet insecure, vulnerable and torn, with a supreme sense of cool. Underlying tensions and ambivalent emotions animate Luo’s images, which, above all, testify to the GIRLS’ individuality. They thus reflect a shifting mindset with regard to concepts of femininity and identity in present-day China.”


The streets are talking. Copyright@JiePaiGunshu Sina Weibo/街道在说话。版权所有@JiePaiGunshu Sina Weibo

Jie Pai Gunshu 街拍滚叔

With 1.67 million followers on Sina Weibo, “Jie Pai Gunshu” (“街拍滚叔” literally means “street photography gets lost brother”) is one of the country’s most locally well-known street photographers. Shooting clean contemporary styles that range from elegant, cute to youth, the Hangzhou-based photographer provides a commercial look at what’s locally considered polished and stylish. Having established himself as a successful creative, Jie Pai Gunshu also travels to international fashion events such as Pitti Uomo to provide globally content locally curated for his Chinese followers.

在微博上有167万粉丝的“街拍滚叔”是中国众人皆知的街头摄影师之一。拍摄清新的当代风格,从优雅、可爱、到充满朝气,居住在杭州的“街拍滚叔”从他的拍摄中捕捉了杭州人对讲究和流行的表达。作为一名成功的创意摄影师,街拍滚叔还受到国际时尚活动Pitti Uomo男装展的邀请,为他的中国粉丝提供了最新的国际时尚动态。



With Chinese photographers openly embracing an international mindset while maintaining their own cultural perspective, today’s new wave of photographers is steadily making a name for themselves that is just as relevant, if not more, beyond its own borders. Transcending geographic locations, their work is bridging the gap to engage and intrigue local and overseas audiences alike.






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