Entertainment “A’s”, Fashion Z’s.

Just my humble opinion and perhaps not always legit (Victorious Victoria, rad and in a legit way), but often true…

China Fashion Find: Well, granted, not specifically aimed at Chinese designers, but bearing in mind the JD.com sponsored show to walk down NYCFW runways it’s interesting nonetheless.


Vogue.com wrote a small piece about the hard-hitting competition during Fashion Weeks and if perhaps the celebrity designers (I for one do not call Kanye West a designer; call me what you will) are proving too tough a battle for the up-and coming fashion talents.


“I’m as starstruck as the next girl, but the prospect of a New York season without “designer designers” isn’t so funny anymore.” Thank you, Nicole. Besides, I personally don’t feel the pressing need to take style cues from Miley Cyrus. But hey, whatever floats your coats.