The Streetstyle Stakes.

Or should we say: Upping the streetstyle stakes. China’s streetstyle scenery has been rapidly upping its game across the nation’s (first and second tier) cities over the past five years. Be it to your personal punch or not, there is no denying the variety of styles sprouting along those sidewalks.

Many Chinese fashion aficionados/-as choose to flaunt their daily fashion delectations on such social media fora as Weibo or WeChat, catching the eye of many a China-based follower, but a small bevy of well-chunky-heeled fashionistas have already grabbed the global portfolio headlines. For example…


The Telegraph on February 5 put together an overview of their favorite China street-stars. “Get to know these impeccably turned out women now: they’ll be sure to make the top of every street style chart come fashion week.” Check out Tina Leung (梁伊妮), Li Hui (李晖), Leaf (叶子) Greener, Qin Shupei (秦舒培) and Linda Li (李静), as described by Bella Gladman.


Feature image: Shanghai shoe- and streetstyle guru Mary Ching.