Picture Perfect

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80后 (guess the meaning) Beijing-native Chen Man (陈漫) has been clicking up a storm in the international fashion scene in recent years and less than 24 hours ago, CNN published a very nice portrait piece on this Gung-ho photography go-to. From commercial Cosmo shoots to minority mode, this madame behind the lens covers the widest range of China Fashion photography. Picture perfect, any time, any place.

Dee Hsiu and Kevin Tsai pose for Chen Man for an Esquire shoot in 2010.
Esquire 2010. Copyright@CNN.com


This photo for Vogue, entitled 'Long live the Motherland' was shot in 2009, in one of Beijing's historic alleyways, or hutongs.
Beijing’s good old hutongs in Vogue anno 2009. Copyright@CNN.com
Li Bingbing poses for Chen Man in 2010 for Harper's Bazaar.
Li Bingbing in front of Chen’s lens for Harper’s Bazaar 2010. Copyright@CNN.com
Supermodel Du Juan; Shanghai; Flag Pole.